***SUCCESS STORY OF THE MONTH - COURTNEY "The Nicest Person in the World" ROBERTSON***

I have been battling with my weight since I was a little girl. My mom and I used food to cope with everything and it was our "quality time" together. Since I was thirteen, I have been a yo-yo dieter. I have used any fad diet you can think of. I lost the weight, but it eventually came back. The month I joined CrossFit Mountain's Edge, I was at the heaviest I have ever been. I remember not being very flexible and struggling to complete the workout. After my first few weeks I had lost 5 lbs.

Although I was working out 3 to 4 days a week, I still had an unhealthy relationship with food and my weight plateaued. In April 2014 I attended a nutrition seminar held at CrossFit Mountain's Edge and it helped me to better understand what I was eating and control my eating habits. I completed the 30 day nutrition challenge and worked out about 3-4 times per week and lost 12 pounds. Since starting at CFMtE I have lost 22 lbs, 12.5 inches, and 12% body fat.

CrossFit Mountain's Edge has helped me feel stronger and more confident. I love CrossFit and CFMtE because I am able to complete activities and workouts that I would have never thought possible before joining. The community at CFMtE is supportive and the people that are part of the community have helped me become successful with CrossFit.

I started pull-ups by using a black & green band. After a month, I was able to move to just a green band which is half the support I needed before. Two months after starting CrossFit, I was able to move from the technique bar to a standard bar. CrossFit helped me decrease the time it took me to run a half marathon by 20 minutes by increasing my endurance and strength! I was also able to run my fastest mile ever at 8 minutes and 21 seconds! If you can dream it, you can do it.- Walt Disney
CrossFit Mountain's Edge Testimonials - Courtney 


My journey to a better me started in June 2013. I had gained 25 pounds and was at the heaviest I had ever been. I tried the gym routine and working out with a personal trainer but I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and I wasn't motivated to continue. It was then that I was introduced to CrossFit Mountain’s Edge. I went through the elements class and after the first week I had already lost 5 pounds and an inch off my waist. Even though I was so sore I had to take an ice bath, I was hooked.
Initially, I was depressed about my body weight. I measured in at 35% body fat when I joined. But as I changed my diet to healthier foods and continued to attend CrossFit classes 4-5 times a week, I began seeing more weight loss and found myself getting stronger. CrossFit showed me that I could change my body, which also changed my self-esteem.

At the end of my first week I had to do the Fran workout and I didn’t finish in the time cap of 7 minutes. During the workout I used a black band for my pull-ups. 2 months later I repeated Fran, at the same weight, and I finished in 7:13. It was then that I progressed from the black band to the green band for pull-ups. A short 2 months after that is when I did my first unassisted kipping pull up. I was stoked! All of my weight lifting movements in CrossFit have improved significantly since I started. A few examples are:

Dead lift: 70lbs - 185lbs
Clean: 65lbs - 115lbs
Push Press: 65lbs - 105lbs
Thruster: 15lbs - 105lbs

Not only has CrossFit Mountain’s Edge made me stronger but it has given me a new family, a ton of new friends, and a community that I can count on. CrossFit has given me more self-esteem and made me feel better about looking at my self in the mirror. After a lot of hard work and dedication I have gone from 35% body fat to 19%, and lost a total of 18lbs. CrossFit has changed my life and I owe it to the great coaches, Royce and Chris. I now have a place to go that I feel welcome, motivated, and eager to improve myself. I look forward to going to CrossFit each day and pushing myself to new PR’s. I look forward to the changes and PR’s that are yet to come and mostly I look forward to just being able to be myself and help motivate others around me. My journey to a better me continues as well as my CrossFit journey to be the strongest I can be!
6 months ago I decided that I wanted to make some positive changes in my life. The first accomplishment was my decision to quit drinking. Along with quitting drinking came boredom and anxious energy that I did not know how to displace. I’ve always kept active with mountain biking, kickboxing, and long distance running. As I get older it has been harder and harder to keep motivated. I needed something different, something challenging. I wanted to work out in a place that I genuinly wanted to spend my time. This is when I discovered CrossFit Mountain's Edge. I did not know what to expect. In my mind Crossfit was a bootcamp type training with motivational factors. I was wrong. CrossFit is a personal challenge. CrossFit is everyday people doing extraordinary things. CrossFit is everyday people doing an array of functional exercises and lifting weights that did not seem possible.
When I started at CrossFit Mountain's Edge, I weighed 190 pounds, and was only able to do two pull-ups. It wasn’t necessarily the workout that brought me back the next day, but rather the motivating factors. Stepping into this box is like working out with 5 coaches that help improve every aspect of personal well being and heath. Everyday was like having my own personal trainer and nutritionist. The changes did not occur overnight. I continued to eat poorly until the Box hosted a nutritional challenge. I learned how to eat appropriately for the type of workouts we were doing. Over the next 38 days, I saw a 22 lb weightloss and daily personal records. Overall I went from 190lbs to 165lbs and 22% to 14%.

This is my personal challenge. This is my personal experience. I want to be the best person and athlete that I can be. I still continue to eat clean and learn how slight variations in my diet and routine make drastic changes to my physical strength stamina and recovery. After every workout I look forward to the next. I thank Coach Royce Laguerta, and Coach Chris Huth for the motivation and the direction. I also thank my Crossfit family for the motivation. Each one of these professionals carries a strength and integrity that sets that bar for me day to day. I look forward to seeing how far I can take this. This is my 40 and I am in the best shape of my life.

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journey to a better me started in 2012 when I hit a staggering 307 pounds. At this point, I knew something had to change so I took a friends advice to start following the Paleo diet. Pounds started to fall off week by week and within a year I was down to 250 pounds. However, after a few months of plateau in my body weight, I started to question whether my diet alone could help me achieve my weight loss goals. So in January 2012, I started on the second part of my journey, strength and conditioning.
I knew right away that the regular gym wasn't what I was looking for. I wasn't interested in going in on my own, doing my sets, and going home. A friend suggested I look into CrossFit because of their community based training program. After doing some research, I was really intrigued and decided to check out my local CrossFit box.
The first time I walked into CrossFit Mountain's Edge was during a Saturday class and I was a little intimidated seeing weights being thrown down and everyone cheering each other on. I was greeted at the door by Coach Chris and Owner/Coach Royce. After going over some basic techniques, they let me join in on their workout of the day. It was intense but fun and everyone there was very encouraging to one another like a family. I've been hooked ever since and in just three and a half months my results have been amazing.
With the help of Royce and Chris, my mobility has changed phenomenally and I'm able to move in ways I never thought possible. With an increased range of motion I'm now able to perform an array of movements like front-squat, back-squat, and overhead squats. This has increased my strength capacity 10 fold. Here are a few examples of my personal records in the past few months:
Back squat
 - 235 lbs 2/18/14
 - 295 lbs 4/07/14
 - 305 lbs 4/14/14
 - 315 lbs 5/10/14
Front squat
 - 205 lbs 2/20/14
 - 215 lbs 3/03/14
 - 245 lbs 5/06/14
 - 95 lbs 2/18/14
 - 115 lbs 3/05/14
 - 135 lbs 3/18/14
 - 145 lbs 5/12/14
 - 275 lbs 3/15/14
 - 355 lbs 4/09/14
 - 385 lbs 5/01/14
 - 405 lbs 5/05/14
Clean Jerk
 - 135 lbs 3/19/14
 - 155 lbs 4/02/14
 - 175 lbs 4/10/14
 - 205 lbs 4/28/14
I'm proud to say I now weigh in at 234 pounds. I've also dropped from a tight XXL to XL t-shirt and dropped three pant sizes. My energy is through the roof and I just feel amazing. Thanks to Royce and Chris and my new family at CrossFit Mountain's Edge. I would recommend this place to anyone. Give it a try- everything is scalable to fit your ability and you can only get better from there. The choice is yours.


I started my fitness journey at a so called "regular gym". Not knowing how to utilize of the machines and free weights, I mostly took fitness classes or used cardio machines. Without following any sort of program or setting any fitness goals, I soon became bored with my routine. I wasn't seeing the results I had expected and eventually my visits to the gym became less frequent. 

Right about that time I started to heard lots of talk about CrossFit and about a new box opening up nearby, “CrossFit Mountain’s Edge.” The methodology behind CrossFit's approach to fitness really peaked my interest and I decided to give it a try. Walking into the "Crossfit Mountain's Edge" for the first time, It did not look like your typical gym. There was a pull up rig, ropes hanging from the ceiling, racks of weights, and no machines. But my initial reluctance changed immediately after being greeted by the coaches and other athletes. The coaches were extremely detailed about executing proper movement and it wasn't long before I felt completely confident and proficient at the CrossFit foundational movements. 

The community here at CrossFit Mountain’s Edge is unbelievable! The other athletes inspire and motivate me every day. The relationships that I've built here are a huge part of what keeps me coming in 3-6 times a week. After improving my nutrition and consistently attending CrossFit classes, I have reached a number of milestones.

I started CrossFit August 2013 and was 36% body fat. Now, May 2014, I am at 20% body fat. With those calculations I’ve lost over 20 lbs of body fat and gained just over 15 lbs of muscle! In addition to that, I’m doing movements I’ve never thought I could achieve in such a short time, such as strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, box-Jumps, snatches, cleans, over body weight squats and dead-lifts etc. Week in and week out I’m becoming stronger, faster, leaner, and more flexible.  

Thank you to CrossFit Mountain’s Edge and the amazing people therefor helping me in my journey to a healthier me. 


When I started training with Royce, I had one ultimate goal and that was to target my legs and slim down my thighs. No matter how much weight I lost, my thighs never really changed, they were aways "Thunder Thighs". Royce Laguerta took the challenge and on that day he said, "I will mold you into a new person and you will overcome what you thought you could never do, my mission is to turn an ordinary person to someone extraordinary."
When we first met my leg circumference measurement was 34” and now it is 24"! In addition I have lost over 5% body fat, and inches all around my body. This was not possible without my trainer /coach's help. Royce went above and beyond as a trainer, a mentor, a motivator, a torturer (I just had to include that) :) and a friend. I credit all my triumph to his training skills and the elite staff of CrossFit Mountain's Edge. They say every person you encounter makes a difference in your life, I have definitely met someone who changed mine. 100 more air squats, 60 more burpees, 60 more Box Jumps, Run 400 more meters, priceless when it comes to fitting in my Hollister pants. ;)
From Left to Right: 1st week, 6th week, 9th week

Shulen Monfiero

"In March of 2011 I weighed in at 425 lbs and was not happy with myself. I decided to change my lifestyle and lose weight. The last year has been an amazing journey with lots of successes. With the help of the fitness professionals at CrossFit Mountain's Edge and my personal trainer Royce Laguerta, I have accomplished challenges from daily metabolic conditioning, 5K's, 2 mud runs, Spartan Sprint, and my biggest fitness accomplishment yet an 9.4 mile Super Spartan Race. In addition, I am proud to have lost over 100lbs and more than 10% Body fat. The elite staff of CrossFit Mountain's Edge has catapulted me in the new lifestyle I LOVE. Thank you so much, now onward to bigger and better things in my healthy new lifestyle."

Stacy Anderson After
Jann Perkins
"I began my journey in achieving higher levels of fitness in the fall of 2010 in order to control my Diabetes II condition. At the time, my diabetes numbers were high and I was looking at the possibility of taking insulin to control my blood sugar. With the help of the amazing coach and the training staff of CrossFit Mountain's Edge, I have been able to achieve very positive results. Royce has been my personal trainer for over two years and has been instrumental in challenging me in a daily exercise program. As a result of his encouragement, inspiration, and attention to every detail, my diabetic AIC numbers are now in the normal range. I was surprise and thrilled when I found out these results. In addition, my body fat percentage went from 36% to 25.6% in a span of a few months. I attribute my achieved overall results to the elite staff of CrossFit Mountain's Edge and my personal trainer Royce."
After my second knee surgery I was looking for guidance on my next step after physical therapy in addition I also wanted to lose some weight and tone my upper body.
After an extended period of little to no activity. Thats when I met Royce, with that said Royce patiently taught me new routines which allowed me to strengthen the muscles supporting my knees. With my limited availability of being able to make it to the gym consistently he created a home routine I can do on my own using minimal equipment.
As my programs advanced, he gave me additional as "accessory" workouts to improve my overall functional capacity.  Over the course of the next year, Royce taught me a few more exercise with my bands and stability ball for my vacation.
This past December, Royce developed a brand new program designed to take me to the next level. With these new goals I'm more motivated than ever. Royce not only keeps our exercises exciting but he constantly strives to provide higher levels of service by learning more and more about fitness. He has the knowledge, education, experience, and training to help guide no matter what goals or objectives. He helped me go from 158 pounds with 38% body fat to my current 135 with 27%, from size 14 to an 8!! I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you to the amazing staff of CrossFit Mountain's Edge and my personal trainer Royce Laguerta!