What Is CrossFit?


What is CrossFit? Simply put, CrossFit is a form of elite fitness for anyone Рfrom those merely interested in general fitness to truly elite athletes.  CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. The focus is to increase work capacity across broad modal times and domains.

In CrossFit we emphasize a great deal in weight lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning. We constantly vary these skills to create a daily form of fitness. CrossFit is infinitely scalable which means both new participants and veteran CrossFit athletes can workout side by side. Given a chance CrossFit can change your life by delivering phenomenal fitness and a closely-knit community of friends.

If you are ready to get started and comity to a lifelong journey of health and fitness come visit us here at CrossFit Mountain’s Edge!

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14.2 Repeat at CrossFit Mountain's Edge

14.2 Repeat at CrossFit Mountain’s Edge