About Us

CrossFit Mountain's Edge - About Us

CrossFit Mountain’s Edge is a fully-licenced CrossFit affiliate in Las Vegas, dedicated to improving the overall health of the community through elite fitness.  Our vision is to turn ordinary people into extraordinary athletes.

CrossFit Mountain’s Edge aspires for all athletes of all ages, skill and abilities to compete and train, as well as to enjoy the camaraderie of sport and fitness.  We drive a culture who’s willing to push themselves beyond what they ever thought possible in order to break both mental and physical barriers.  In return, our success goes beyond our gym walls and into our daily lives.

At CrossFit Mountain’s Edge we are lawyers, doctors, students, athletes, entrepreneurs, firefighters, nurses, parents, grandparents, kids and everyone else in between.  We aim to be a diverse group of dedicated athletes, but despite our differences we are all a part of the CF Mountain’s Edge family.

CrossFit Mountain’s Edge is not a traditional global gym.  Our equipment is comprised of ropes, kettlebells, pull-up bars, barbells, rings, boxes, medicine balls, tires,… all utilized to improve functional movements. We do and teach what we did millions of years ago. Our innate nature to throw, jump, punch, lift, ect.

We emphasize a great deal in gymnastics, olympic lifting, and metabolic conditioning. We use all of these variables and tools to create a balanced general form of fitness daily. At CrossFit Mountain’s Edge there are no machines, our athletes are the machines.